The Growing Need For Professional Translation Services


With the increasing influx of multi-national corporations and manufactures, the demand for translation services will grow. As this industry expands, foreign players will also seek to acquire local language translation providers. Additionally, there is expected to be a growing influx of immigrants, which will spur growth in the translation industry. Boostlingo, a company that specializes in medical translation, reports a spike in requests from telehealth vendors.

Boostlingo reports spike in requests from telehealth vendors

Increasing number of health care providers are switching to virtual care, which requires language interpreting over the phone. Telehealth vendors are incorporating Boostlingo into their platforms to increase the number of interpreting sessions per day. However, the language interpreting needs are not limited to telemedicine. It is not uncommon to find healthcare providers who use Mayan-based Ixil as their language.

Medical translation is an essential tool in modern medicine

Medical translation is a critical component of patient care, and it is increasingly a part of American medicine. Yet, it is often overlooked in the clinical workflow and has to be considered long before the patient actually seeks care. This article explores the complex problems associated with language, gesture, and translation. Using a professional medical interpreter can help improve patient care by making it clear to both parties how to read the medical documentation and to understand the treatment options.

Machine translation is a growing industry

The growth of machine translation has been phenomenal over the past several years. Prior to the availability of cloud-based solutions, engineers had to invest in servers and resources to set up MT systems. However, the advent of hosted solutions has made the process of launching MT much simpler and affordable. Machine translation has many applications for both commercial and non-commercial sectors, and key players in the industry are investing in these technologies to provide customers with better service and a faster ROI.

Importance of quality

One of the most important qualities of a professional translation service is quality control. There should be no ambiguity when it comes to the QA process. The QA department should be able to determine the severity of errors based on a number of factors, including the type of text being translated and the language the translation is intended for. If a linguist does not fix any errors, they may have a deficient QC system.


You might be wondering about the price of professional translation services. The cost of a translation varies, but some providers offer discounts to repeat customers. Usually, translators are willing to negotiate the price if you buy translation services in bulk. Generally, the price of a translation is more expensive than that of editing and proofreading. However, you can internalise these costs to save money. Here are some things to consider when evaluating the price of translation services.

Customer service

As the global market becomes more complex, the need for professional translation services increases. Many companies find it difficult to effectively communicate with customers who may not speak the same language. Using a professional translation service increases your chances of making an impact with customers in new markets. Inbound conversations are particularly challenging to translate because different time zones can affect key communications. By working with an agency with production offices in multiple locations, you can easily make changes when necessary. This helps you optimize your most valuable resource – your time.

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